December 11, 2008

Job Satisfaction OR Money.

Vidya Chandrasekhar

“Job satisfaction or money. Decide what you want.”

That is the line Sapna gets to hear from her father and relatives, every time she gets a job offer. With so many people offering her never-ending advice and sermons, she is wondering what to do.

Poor Sapna has no idea what her goals are so she blindly believes that she’s supposed to work and make money and have certain things in life. What exactly these certain things are she doesn’t know.

After a lot of thinking, Sapna finally accepts an offer from a leading bank…her first job… she’s excited…she works diligently for the first six months…observes and learns…then she realizes there’s too much hierarchy in this job…somebody above always makes the decisions…somebody below always makes the mistakes…no job satisfaction here.

Sapna is good-looking…she applies for an air-hostess job…she thinks it’s a glamorous job and she’ll get to travel the world free of cost…so she packs her bags and is ready to fly…not realizing the price she will pay for it…she has to look pretty all the time and that is hard work, besides being demeaning…and she comes across situations totally uncalled for…ill-mannered passengers, frequently throwing abuses around.

“If you want money this is the right job”, her father tells her.

In six months she has had enough of foul mouths, tight skirts, high heels, lipstick all over her face all the time, pretending to smile at people…she concludes this is not what she wants to do in life.

She spends the next few weeks doing a lot of reading…and reads everywhere about the happening media industry…and there she is…working in a top agency as a client servicing person…she starts hating it within twenty days of the job...colleagues dangerously and outrageously flirting…some of them not even sure of their gender...she quits.

She thinks working on the client’s side is the best thing to do…she joins a private sector company…soon realises that it’s the same problem she has run into that she ran away from earlier…hierarchy…so joins a public sector company…lazes around for a few weeks and realises that the people are boring and lead a mechanical life…quits again.

Sapna’s father and relatives haven’t stopped their sermon: “Job satisfaction or money. Decide what you want”

Sapna is back, job hunting…she lands a job soon…now she is working as a Career Counselor.

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